Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Blusher Tag

I saw this tag on 'A Life With Frills' blog and I thought I'd give this a go. I do love blusher and wish I was a bit more daring with the shades I choose but anyway I thought I'd tag some other bloggers to do it too.

What colour blush suits you the most?

Pink shades suit me the most, like a dusty rose or mauve based shade.

Pressed, cream or loose?

Pressed is definitely the easiest to use I find but I do like using loose too for a bit more colour and blendability.

Favourite shimmery blush?

My favourite shimmery blush is Benefit's Coralista I have been using this since I was 16 and love the coral/pink shade. However, I never use the brush that comes in the little cardboard box and find the packaging quite rubbish but I guess that means they invest more in the actual product so I can't complain.

Favourite matte blush?

I have really been loving Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in Seductive Pink this is the perfect matte blush that gives a healthy glow.

Favourite cream blush?

All of Topshops cream blushers are lovely I especially liked the shade 'Flush'. I actually lost this a while ago but it gave such a beautiful dewy look and it is an orange blusher which is perfect for summer holidays. I will repurchase this again one day...

Favourite drugstore blush?

This has got to be MUAs blusher in Marshmallow, this blusher is only £1! This electric pink shade is perfect for evenings and is highly pigmented. People might think it's quite a risky blusher as it is so bright but it works really well on a brush applicator.

Favourite MAC blush?

I don't actually own any MAC blushes! YET :(

Biggest blush disappointment?

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher- mentioned before in a post you can read here- this blusher was just overall crap! No pigmentation whatsoever and very difficult application.

Best blush packaging?

The best packaging I have found is Sleek's Blusher. I have the shade Rose Gold which is a beautiful shimmery colour. the packaging is plain black and is a compact. I have dropped it a few times and it hasn't broken which  makes it a real winner for me.

What's on your blush wishlist?

NARS Angelika
NARS Deepthroat
MAC Well Dressed

Holy grail blush?

Max Factor Creme Puff Blush in Seductive Pink. As mentioned above, I wear this everyday and it is the colour perfect for my skin tone.

I tag Kim form Londonstagraam,  Alice from Always,Alice x and Katy from Drugstore Junkie, if they haven't already done it that is!



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